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1) Proposals, formation of the contract

  • 1.1 General proposals and priced quotations are for indicative purposes only.
  • 1.2 Prices and delivery times can be changed at any time if Hong Kong Translation is not made completely aware of the entire text beforehand. The contract comes into operation from the time when the customer accepts Hong Kong Translation's proposal in writing or verbally or, in cases where no proposal has been made, when Hong Kong Translation confirms in writing a translation order placed by the customer.
  • 1.3 Any commitments made only commit Hong Kong Translation after explicit, written confirmation on the part of Hong Kong Translation.
  • 1.4 When Hong Kong Translation has any reason to think that the customer may not be able to fulfil its payment obligations, Hong Kong Translation is authorised at any time to require the customer to set up satisfactory financial guarantees.

2) Modification/cancellation of translation orders

  • 2.1 In the event that significant modifications to the translation order are made by the customer after conclusion of the contract, Hong Kong Translation is authorised to change the delivery time and/or the fees required or to refuse the order. In the latter case, the customer is required to pay for the work already done.
  • 2.2 In the event of the customer cancelling a translation order, the costs of cancellation will be for an amount equal to the cost of that part of the translation which was completed up to the time of such cancellation. In such cases, Hong Kong Translation cannot guarantee the quality of the work delivered.

3) Execution of translation orders, professional secrecy

  • 3.1 Hong Kong Translation undertakes to keep all documents supplied by the customer strictly confidential and to take action to require that this obligation is respected in all circumstances by its suppliers. Nevertheless it cannot be held liable for violation of professional secrecy by its suppliers if it can prove that Hong Kong Translation was not able to prevent such violation.
  • 3.2 Whenever possible, the customer will supply Hong Kong Translation with reference documents showing the terminology to be used in the translation/

4) Delivery time and date of delivery

  • The delivery time stated in the contract is given for information purposes only. Hong Kong Translation is required to inform the customer without delay if delivery cannot be made within the agreed delivery time.

5) Fees and payment

  • 5.1 Unless agreed to the contrary, Hong Kong Translation's fees are calculated on the basis of the price per word or the price per hour applied by Hong Kong Translation. A minimum price per language combination will be invoiced for any order containing less than 1,000 words.
  • 5.2 All amounts exclude VAT
  • 5.3 Invoices must be paid net in the currency shown on the invoice within 30 calendar days from the date of the invoice.

6) Disagreements and disputes

  • All disputes concerning the quality or the delivery time of the work ordered can only be accepted within a period of 30 (thirty) days from the date of delivery or the order. After that 30 (thirty) day period, no claim whatsoever will be accepted by Hong Kong Translation. Claims do not under any circumstances exempt the customer from its obligation to pay for the translation supplied.

7) Liability, guarantee

  • Hong Kong Translation can only be held liable for damage which is the direct and manifest consequence of negligence which can be imputed to Hong Kong Translation. Hong Kong Translation's liability can under no circumstances exceed the amount of the invoice, not including VAT, for the translation order concerned.



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