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Frequently Asked Questions


How many words can a translator produce in a day, as an average?

The amount can vary. Everything depends on the type of file and the difficulty of the document text. The average produced is about 2,500 words per day.

I've got a large volume to be translated but a very short deadline.

We can set up a team of specialized translators who specialize in the field concerned and who will be supervised by a Project Manager, who will responsible for creating a glossary of technical terms so as to harmonise vocabulary. The translators work closely with each other and with the Project Manager so as to provide with the best possible translation quality.

Do all of your translators translate into their own language?

All of Hong Kong Translation's translators translate into their own native language.

Can I be sure that the next document I send will be translated by the same translator?

To ensure that the vocabulary used is the same as the one used previously,  the same translator will be used.

For certificate translation, does Hong Kong Immigration accept your company letter?

Hong Kong Immigration will often ask newcomers, who wish to work in Hong Kong, to translate their certificates (birth, marriage etc.). Hong Kong Immigration accept our company letter stating the translation of the certificate is accurate.

We have some documents to be translated and the content is strictly confidential. What do we do about that?

All our translators observe professional secrecy. For additional safety, we can confirm this to you in a document duly signed between your company and Hong Kong Translation.  The same contract terms will be signed by our translator or translators who is/are responsible for the translation of your text.

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